Sunday 31 December 2006

Moisturiser mishap

Eeeaw, I missed the moisturiser this morning! It's my favourite way to start the day. I hear the hairbrush go down and I'm there, up on the dressing table, all ready and waiting for the Olay complete UHF15+. I can always get a little bit left on the rim before Ellen claps the cap back on.

But this morning, we were all out of routine . . . Ellen had her coffee before her shower, so I went outside and I MISSED IT! When I scrambled back in, suddenly remembering, it was all over. And she taunted me with it. How cruel.

She better watch out tomorrow morning . . . just to get her back I'll wake her up really early on new year's morning. Ha!

Friday 29 December 2006

Eyes on the quiche

Geez Ellen is so mean. She went shopping and came back with all this fabulous food for HER, but did I get anything? No! All I did was sit on the benchtop and watch as she cut up some quiche . . . then she yells at me for trying to get some! Is that fair? I suppose she'll make me watch her eat the custard scroll as well. She's such a pig.

I know . . . if I sit on her keyboard and attack her hands as she tries to type she'll get tired of me and then she'll have to relent. Maybe she'll give me some of that tuna that's left over in the fridge. At least that'd be more interesting than those boring pellets she feeds me for every meal. Why'd she think I had my eyes on the quiche?

Thursday 28 December 2006

Ginger provocation

I think the last straw was yesterday, when Ellen sprung me attacking the ginger cat from down the driveway. She yelled at me and made me start this blog as therapy. But I say the ginger cat was asking for it! He should know better than to venture down my end of the driveway. And to sit on top of my garage roof -- MY ROOF! -- and stare at me while I was stuck inside . . . well of course I was going to seize the moment when the garage door was opened. He made as if to slink away, then when his back was turned I ran up and jumped, screetching, on his back. That got him! I don't suppose he'll learn from the experience though.