Wednesday 13 January 2010

Brave and bold - an adventure

It was Sunday. Ellen was having drinks in the driveway. I decided to be brave.

She left the front door open and so I too ventured out into the driveway. It was fun. At first I found a comfy spot beneath the bushes in the neighbour's front garden. From here I had a great view down the driveway, and could watch E with all her silly friends.

Then I decided to do some exploring. From unit 4, I stole stealthily down to the front grass and garden area of unit 3. Here, under the cover of shade of the lemon tree, I snooped around the garden, which was strangely fenced off by chicken wire.

Then I went even further. Emboldened by my success (and the lack of the usual driveway felines -- not sure where they were) I slunk into the garden of unit 2! This was the furthest I have ever progressed. Ellen and her silly friends were marvelling at my bravery. I even took advantage of the earth to . . . er . . . well I'm sure you can guess.

Alas, my adventure was interrupted by one of the silly neighbours thundering out the door and startling me. Just in case he brought with him Fluffy-no-ears or Zimmy-the-trespasser I scampered back to our own front door, where E let me inside.

After that I reclined on my cushion watching all from this splendorous comfort. Enough adventuring for one day.