Saturday 28 March 2009


So. She really did it. Went away and left me. It's after midnight on Friday and it's been nearly a week. All on my own.

I've been very good. Haven't left any deposits on the floor. I've even sussed out my cat door and I can roam free all night and all day (when I'm not sleeping on my cushion).

Thelma from next door is feeding me -- hasn't forgotten once! I've decided I'm going to try not to hiss at her, because if I keep hissing she might stop feeding me, and that would be BAD. So I'm TRYING to be on my best behaviour.

But every so often I play a little trick on her. Sometimes I see her coming and I bolt out of my cushion and hide somewhere in the house - or outside - just so I can watch her crawl around the house looking for me (he he he).

But I'm trying to be on my best behaviour.

Thursday 26 March 2009

When the human's away ...

... the cat will play! Doesn't E know this? Ooh, with such a naughty cat in the house I hate to think what she might come home to. So, all your readers are wondering, Devilcat, what you have in store for her.

Will you shred the curtains? Sharpen your claws on her lounge suite? Leave fleas in her bed? What about a deposit on the floor somewhere? (You might have to leave this till she's almost back or the neighbours might clean it up, and that would defeat the whole purpose.) Oh, what has come over me? I think I must be channelling you!

Oh, my life is so ho-hum in comparison. It's turning colder, and I want those no good dogs out of the house!

And do you like my new blue writing? I've decided that as guest blogger I need my own colour -- what do you think, oh naughty one?

Sunday 22 March 2009

3 weeks

I don't believe it. Ellen has gone away for THREE WEEKS and left me home all alone. I simply can't believe it.

I thought a week was bad enough. How am I supposed to last three?

She's installed a new cat flap that has a magnetic clasp, so now I have to push my through the door. It took me a couple of days to figure it out -- I thought it was locked when it wasn't!

And she has all her new neighbour-buddies coming in to feed me twice a day. I never get a moment's peace!

Hmph. You'll be hearing more from me soon!

Thursday 12 March 2009

More bad behaviour

Things are not all well at home. Ellen is going away soon and she's leaving me home all alone for three weeks! The neighbours will be around to keep me company, but it won't be the same. I hope she gets my catdoor fixed first! The new one hasn't been fitted yet.

Anyway, as a precaution she made me go to the vet yesterday. HATE the vet. I let her know it too. I did NOT behave very well. A true devilcat. He he he.

So I had my vaccinations. And then I was weighed.

Not good. It looks like I'm going to have to go on a diet again! The last one I went on (last year) didn't work, and it turns out that Ellen bought the wrong food. So she put me though the torture all for nothing. So now when she's back from her trip I'll have to go back on the diet food.

Not happy!

Sunday 8 March 2009

Meeting the neighbours

Ellen doesn't seem to be home very much these days. And when she IS home, she seems to be hanging out in the driveway outside with the neighbours. (How weird is that?) Most of the time, I'm left stuck inside watching through the window, with the neighbours poking fun at me if I stick my head through the venetians. Mean.

Last night, E came home and they were dancing in the driveway. Yes, dancing. They'd been doing it for quite a while before she came home, and sure enough she came inside, fed me, locked my cat door, and then went outside to join them. Not sure I saw her dancing per se, but I definitely heard her singing.

Anyway, she left the front door open in invitation for me to go out and join in as well. So I thought I might as well go see what was so exciting about the neighbours. After all, some of them are the ones who have those pesky driveway felines -- Fluffy (white fluffball) and Zim Zam (the ginger cat). And sure enough, they were there too. I was a bit nervous, because Zimmy and I have had many an altercation in the past (when he invades MY GARDEN), but I've not had much to do with Fluffy (who never strays far from the driveway) except to laugh every time E nearly runs him over.

Fluffy was immediately heading in my direction, perhaps being friendly, not sure. I certainly wasn't sticking around to find out. But then I got braver and came out again, and Fluffy and I eyed each other off from a distance.

But then Zim Zam showed up again and ruined everything. He bolted up and pounced on Fluffy, telepathically screaming: That's my favourite tormentor-plaything. Mine. You keep away and don't spoil all my fun!

Zimmy and me really are NOT friends.

After that, Fluffy kept his distance and I went back inside to wait for Ellen, who finally came in and then I snuggled up beside her and went to sleep.