Tuesday 13 March 2007

The island - Day 1 (Saturday)

When Ellen bundled me into my carry case, I had no idea where we were going. It took FOREVER to get there! I tried to talk to Ellen the whole way down, but she ignored me for the most part. The car went fast and bumped a lot. I couldn't see out the window, which was really frustrating.

When we finally arrived early afternoon, she stuffed all my gear into a tiny bathroom--carry case, food bowl and litter tray! I was so grumpy with her that I wouldn't come out of the carry case. I stayed there for hours, seething and (OK, I admit it) terrified. But Jeddah was there, running around as if he owned the place! He had the advantage. For all I knew there were more predators just waiting to attack me!

Finally I ventured upstairs after dinner (not that I ate much, my stomach was fluttering like a mad butterfly). Man, was it way cool upstairs! The space is massive, and I felt like an idiot for cowering downstairs all afternoon. I found Ellen's bedroom and decided to hang about in there.

She tried to lock me in that awful bathroom for the night! Why would she do that? She never locks me up at night. I suppose it might have been her mum that made her, but she could have shown some backbone! Anyway, I am too canny for that, and I escaped the bathroom and called to Ellen outside her bedroom door. She let me in, and thankfully let me sleep with her. It was almost like it was at home (but Jeddah was still around somewhere).

So that was the first day. I will tell you about Day 2, perhaps tomorrow.

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