Monday 9 April 2007

Five days

Geez, she left me for five whole days this time. Not nice.

I did get some fleeting visits from a few people, but that was all. They breezed in (I hid under the bed) and pretended all was normal and fine, and then they breezed out again. I think they opened my door some of the time, but I was never game to try it out, in case they didn't let me back in again. So I spent a whole five days INSIDE!

And that stupid feeding contraption is so unreliable! Thanks goodness I had visitors who seemed to go out of their way to provide me with food, because there were no guarantees otherwise. Seeing the food, but not being able to get it, would have been worse than ANY diet!

As a result I was on my BEST behaviour when the visitors came (which is why I hid under the bed).

I note that now Ellen is home, she's removed the feeding contraption, so I suppose the diet will resume again. She tells me that one of the reasons my food kept running out was because I ate too much. Hmmph.

PS As punishment for being left alone for five whole days, I declined to use my litter tray once and went on the floor in Ellen's study. It was so funny watching her crawl around the room sniffing, trying to work out where it was! She found it eventually, and she didn't even tell me off! I think she's feeling guilty.

PPS Ellen has assured me this is the last time for a long time that she'll leave me home alone. I sure hope so!

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