Sunday 24 June 2007

My cry is heard!

Someone has finally heard me! That Scribbly is an absolute champion. Friend for life. Almost as good as Cheeky.

See Scribbly's letter to me here.

I am considering her suggestion that I save for an airfare to attend Madame Adelaide Bonfamille's mansion in Paris, which has been set up as a cat refuge/resort/spa (for unwanted, undeserved and maltreated cats). I will research the topic.

PS - Dear Scribbly, thanks for your letter! It's nice to have someone on my side for once. I'm going to make Ellen rent out the Aristocats movie, because I have never even seen it!

1 comment:

SCRIBBLY said...


You shouldn't be talking about our devious plan here! Ellen will see it and she will thwart your plans once more!

Well, if she does, you know what to do... Pee, pee, wherever you go.