Saturday 28 July 2007

Happy to be home

Coming home is always wonderful. I couldn't believe it when we pulled up outside the house. I was itching to get out of my carry case, but when I did I couldn't decide what to do first!

Since it was dinner time, hunger made me eat as a priority, but after that I was free to run outside and explore the garden, and the front driveway, and every room in the house . . .

Finally I could go outside.

I did go outside a bit at the island, but these adventures were confined to the large upstairs deck from which I couldn't escape. But on the sunny days, it was very pleasant to lounge about and at least watch the birds, even if I couldn't chase them. (Anyway, they were too stupid to know that I couldn't get them, so I had fun terrorising them from afar.)

So now everything is back to normal.

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