Tuesday 11 September 2007

Locked in

Ellen forgot to open my door today -- B%&#$!! All day I was locked inside, gazing forlornly out at the other evil cats in the driveway, bored out of my brain. I didn't even have the heart to terrorise them through the window.

How could she do this to me? Have I not been a good kitty for weeks and weeks -- maybe even months?

To be fair, I don't think it was deliberate. She seemed very guilty when she got home, doled out my food, then found me waiting patiently beside the door. She opened it then, but all I got was a measly half an hour to go outside! Then she locked the door again.

Today has been a dud of a day.


Anonymous said...

Hey, devilcat, yesterday the blond bimbo and little red ratface came back from their walk, and they were blathering on the way dogs always do when I heard your name mentioned. Thinking the stupid dogs must've heard the humans talking about you, I listened in expecting to hear gossip about your exceedingly poor manners -- something those farting, burping dogs (truly) might find funny. But, no, lo and behold, those big dumbos were talking about Chenna the bordie collie, who they'd just been romping around with. What do you think of that? Your namesake's a dog -- probably looks like you too, though I thought I heard them mention brown and right. Not sure though. I thought border collies were black and white, just like ill-mannered cats, really!

Anonymous said...

Er, see, you've got me so flustered with those exceedingly rude tips that I've forgotten how to spell. Brown and white, not brown and right. I'm sure nothing about you is right. Except that you're a cat, of course.

Anonymous said...

I should rather assume the dog is MY namesake.

Also, don't you think you're the pot calling the kettle black, calling me ill-mannered? You're not exactly polite about your family, are you.