Sunday 25 November 2007

Am I good or what?

Yesterday, I caught and ate two mice. Hear that? Two. And big fat juicy mice they were. In our kitchen. Now, you might ask how come I let them be there in the first place, but with those dogs in and out, I find I much prefer the solitude of the front garden these days. But, today, the humans called me in, grabbed me (most unceremoniously), held me up, moved a bit of furniture -- out the little fat boy ran and kapow! Two seconds, and I had it. The humans let me outside and left me to it, which was a rather nice change if I do say so myself.

An hour or two later, and they collared me again. This time one held me while the other swept a broom handle under the fridge. Little fat boy no 2 appeared and kapow! Two seconds later, I had it. Yeah, Chenna, so I had some human help, but I had to have my wits about me, act quickly. Otherwise I'd be lying around dreaming about mice instead of vomiting them up this morning. And I do love to barf them all over the lawn.

But you know what the stupid humans said yesterday when I'd caught no 2? You'd think they'd be grateful, wouldn't you? They said, all laughs and cheekiness, "Oh, good, now we won't have to feed you dinner!" Humans, they're so droll! As if!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Beth, congratulations and all that (most impressive), but what were you thinking to take them outside? Don't you know that the humans HATE it if you play with them inside first? You know, allow them to get away and then chase them everywhere? It's really fun too. And THEN you leave a dead one on the carpet for them to find. He he.

Anonymous said...

Chenna, Chenna, Chenna, did you read the post? They *helped* me catch the mice. Set them up for me. Made it easy. None of this sitting around for days waiting for the poor little mousey to appear. Nope. This was concentrated time. After all, I've got better things to do with my time -- like sunning myself on the car. I've got them well trained. I do that by being cooperative. If I leave dead mice all around the place they won't want me catching them and won't be so helpful.

Anyway, who leaves dead mice? I like to eat them. Yum, yum. And then to vomit them up afterwards. It really grosses them out if there's a pile of vomit with a tail sticking out of it!