Friday 21 December 2007

Fluffy and ZimZam

This evening -- I still can't believe it -- Ellen hobnobbed with the owners of white fluffball and the ginger cat!! She got all friendly with them and everything!!

I feel so demeaned. Trivialised.

One thing to come out of it though is that I now know that white fluffball's name is "Fluffy" and the ginger cat is "ZimZam". What kind of name is that? They're both boys, which only reinforces my poor impression of them.

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Anonymous said...

Fluffy and ZimZam. Ha ha. I love it. Actually, ZimZam isn't too bad, but Fluffy? Fluffy? Isn't every second cat called Fluffy? Or Smoky? Or Snowdrop? Doesn't it show an appalling lack of imagination. Of course, no humans shall know our true names. I'd whisper it here, but one may be reading this so I'd better not. (My owner says when she was growing up her mother had a Fluffy and then a Smoky, and two cats called Jones. Why would you give two cats the same name? Appalling lack of imagination.) The RSPCA gave me my name. I'm surprised no-one's changed it. Geez, they could've been imaginative and named me Sooty or something. As if I'd come to that!