Saturday 22 December 2007

How clever am I? (Answer: very clever!)

Now that my -- er -- 'apron' has grown back, I'm not longer the same cat. I look different! How clever am I! My chest used to be more uniform in colour, my stripes less pronounced. I'm just going for a slightly different look. What do you think, Chenna? Not matronly at all, right? I'm thinking it's kind of sexy. If I were a boy, I'd call it my bow-tie look and think that I look suave and dapper, but I'm not a boy (the name gives it away, right?), so I'll just have to settle for pretty! Ah, if only they'd buy me something pink to sit on.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the change is due to advancing years?

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I see the devil in you hasn't been exorcised but is merely on sabbatical. Advancing years indeed!

Anonymous said...

he he he