Friday 1 February 2008

Diminishing portions

I have a sneaking suspicion that Ellen has put me back on a diet. The scoops of food are definitely getting smaller . . . even though there is usually still three of them. Does she think I'm stupid, or what?

I thought I was onto something of late. All I need to do is sit on the keyboard when she's trying to write -- be it morning or evening, and she's doing both! -- and to get rid of me she'll give me food. It's been working a treat. Sometimes she'll even feed me four times in an evening.

But these diminishing portions are a concern. My belly starts rumbling much sooner. Doesn't she get that this means I'll just annoy her more frequently?

I'm monitoring the situation closely. Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should just remind her that the vets said I was a "better size" for giving blood.

Don't you slim down naturally in summer anyway? What is she trying to do to you? I'd be very suspicious. Maybe she's just run out of food. Maybe there's a mouse around, and she's trying to force you to catch your own. Have you gone in and demanded more? Do I need to rally the cats of Australia to take up a collection?