Wednesday 2 April 2008

More photos

Yes, well, I think it's disgusting that all the photos are of you, oh-Chenna-princess-and-devilcat-evileye, so here are some of me! Me with the blonde bimbo, and me with little red ratface. Can you tell which one I prefer? And can you tell which one is straining at the lead, trying to eat me! The body language says it all really.


Anonymous said...

Methinks, Beth, you'd do better to get the canines evicted. Even the bimbo. Couldn't you use some feline trickery to get them to incriminate themselves?

Anonymous said...

Oh, they don't need feline trickery for that! Dumb dogs. They dig up plants, rip washing off the line, stink, leave droppings everywhere, shred their bed and leave bits of that everywhere, chew up shoes, and eat enough in one sitting to feed ten cats, and yet still they're tolerated! I don't get it. I don't get it at all.

They've been gone a couple of days, and it's been so RELAXING!