Thursday 3 April 2008

My 5 favourite snacks

It seems there's this thing going around, where you tell everyone your 5 favourite things. Thought I'd join in the fun!

My 5 favourite snacks:
1. Royal Canon cat biscuits - specially formulated for cats with bladder problems! So far it's worked a treat (touch wood).
2. Tuna juice - I'd probably like tuna too, if Ellen would let me get near it, but all she leaves me is the juice. Yummy!
3. bolognaise sauce mix (or pretty much anything E cooks in her wok) - licked straight out of the pan!
4. smoked salmon - E usually leaves me a fragment
5. cereal milk - I know milk isn't supposed to be good for cats, but surely the dregs in the cereal bowl couldn't hurt?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Tuna juice. Oh, yum. My favourite. Personally, I can't stand that smoked salmon crap. Don't know what the humans actually see in it, myself. Too salty for moi. Do you actually eat that stuff?