Friday 9 January 2009

anti-diet strategy

I'm still off my food, but for a completely different reason. I simply CAN'T STAND the diet food Ellen keeps trying to feed me. It's DISGUSTING.

So now I either leave it there and pester Ellen until she gives me some of the real stuff. Or I chuck it up again in an attempt to make Ellen stop feeding it to me.

Today I chucked up on the couch, and I know it's bothering Ellen, as she sits there, because she keeps wrinkling her nose. Even though she cleaned it up. I think she'll need to use something stronger to get the smell out.

He he he


Anonymous said...

Okay, I suppose that proves you're not a dog, because you would've eaten your chuck if you were.

What's she feeding you? I had some salmon juice yesterday -- that was yum!

Anonymous said...

By the catgods, Beth, you don't get it, do you? The whole point is that it tastes DISGUSTING when 'fresh' -- why on earth would I eat it half-digested?!?! (Man I need an interrobang right now.)

The truly tragic thing is that it's some expensive vet brand of diet food. Such a waste of money.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's my point. If you were a dog, you'd eat in anyway. We have two -- not that I stick around to watch them eat. I tell you, Chenna, the way to spell "dog" is P-I-G.

Ha ha about the vet brand. Humans do like to waste their money. Tell her to get you something gourmet like fresh mice!