Saturday 21 February 2009

Holiday with boring writers

Right. So we're going down to the island this weekend. Ellen broke it to me a couple of days ago. She doesn't want to leave me home alone until she's installed the new cat flap -- the one where the magnet works -- all because of the stupid invading ginger cat -- and so I get dragged down to Cowes again.

Must say I'm a little peeved, because she actually HAS the new cat flap but she hasn't installed it yet. She tried for a bit the other evening, then harrumphed off in frustration because she couldn't work out how to get the existing one off. I tried to tell her just to break it, but she wouldn't have a bar of that.

And so I have to endure the 2 hour car journey and being confined inside using a litter tray for three days.

But if THAT wasn't bad enough, now I find out that there are now others coming as well! Off she goes this morning to meet with her writing friends, and comes back with the news that at least two of them are going to come down as well!

So now I have to endure a holiday AND a house full of boring writers.

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