Sunday 6 January 2008

Forced into a corner

Was forced to use my litter tray this morning. Damn and hell, but E forgot to open my cat door at 6am when she fed me. After staring out dolefully for half an hour or so, I attempted to wake E up -- to no avail. She can be one deep sleeper! So eventually I was ready to burst and headed for the litter. I HATE using the litter tray! She had better put new stuff in, or I'm using the floor next time.


Tracey said...
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Anonymous said...

The shower's good. It comes with a pre-built hole. The ghost of Minou (the family's old cat) told me that! I prefer the carpet myself.

Anonymous said...

yeah, there's not much point making a statement if you're going to make it easy for them to clean up! Carpet gets the biggest reaction definitely. Go for the carpet.