Sunday 6 April 2008

My 5 favourite toys

I've decided to add a category to the series on "favourite things". TOYS. Toys are the best, and most felines can improvise with the most unlikely things to find amusement. Here are my top 5:

1. Rodents -- Oh, yes, rats, mice, large or small. They all do it for me. The past couple of days have been interesting in this department. I had me a rodent on Friday night. Played with it all evening until it hid where I couldn't get it in the bathroom. But eventually it came out and I knew what to do! But then yesterday the weirdest thing happened. One of them came in through my cat door (which doesn't have a door on it yet)! E stood there shrieking at it to go away, then called me over as though I was a servant. Demanded I catch it and take it outside! The thing is, it had climbed up this lattice grid over the window and clung there, calm as you like. I got bored and left E to it. I mean, rodents are loads of fun, but not when you've been ordered to it! She's just trying to diminish my pleasure. Hmmph

2. butterflies & moths -- They flutter around brilliantly and make fantastic toys. They don't squeak though, nor does E shriek, so this diminishes the pleasure somewhat. Nevertheless, if I can't find a rat, a flutterby will do.

3. milk bottle rings -- I think I've blogged on these before. They are great! And even better, E actually provides them for me to play with. They scoot around on the floor brilliantly.

4. tissue paper -- As any self-respecting feline knows, tissue paper means crackle and rustle. Humans hate it! Which means we love it!

5. boxes -- There's nothing quite like a box for pure and simple indulgent fun. The world recedes and there's only the four cardboard walls, the scratching of claws, the reassuring firmness at your back. Give me a box any day.

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