Wednesday 7 February 2007

Bowled over by breakfast

A few weeks ago, Ellen starting eating cereal for breakfast. Now, every morning, she sits down at the table to eat. Naturally, I jump up on the table (to keep her company).

I'm sure it must be written down somewhere that all cats like special K. It's a given. So I cannot understand why Ellen doesn't let me have special K for breakfast too. Worse, she makes me eat on the floor (and don't get me started on those monstrous anti-hairball pellets she's got me on at the moment -- just because they were FREE).

Don't you think it would make more sense if we shared a bowl for breakfast? Less washing up, course. And such a companionable activity. She must know that I'd much rather a bowl of special K and milk. So tasty. But she won't let me near it. None of my tricksy head smooching manoeuvres will work. Every so often I get just close enough to inhale, and then she's batted my head away again.

It's just NOT FAIR!!

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