Monday 26 February 2007

Meals on wheels

I am now ready to tell you about last week's trauma. Don't worry -- I didn't lose a limb or get squashed by a car or anything . . . nothing so bloody. But I did get abandoned for 36 hours, with the only contact being meals on wheels.

Ellen has done this before -- gone away on a work trip overnight, leaving me alone in the house -- and I hate it! It's bad enough that she leaves me home all day, without my having lonely evenings as well. And although she does warn me that she's not coming home, I never quite believe it.

Every evening I listen out for her to come home from work, and I'm there to welcome her! So I always get a shock when someone else opens the door instead. The first time it was her parents. I think her mum's afraid of me. I'm sure she doesn't like me. We rub each other up the wrong way. (And she always smells like that rotten dog, Jeddah.) I stay with Ellen's parents from time to time and they let me do what I want, which is nice. (Last time, they left a window open the whole time so I could go out all night!)

Then they went away, closed my cat door and left me to my own devices. Boring! A whole evening with nothing to do (except chase moths).

In the morning, Lita came to feed me. Lita is a cat person -- I can tell. She talks to me as an equal. I like that. She also lives with cats -- I can smell them. I wonder if they'd be nicer than those rotten furballs that live in my driveway? Anyone would be better than them. I try to be nice to Lita, but I think she's a bit wary of me as well. I must have swiped at her in the past. Maybe even drew blood. I was friendly to her this time though. I want her to like me again.

When Lita left, at least she opened my door again, so I could go outside. Ellen came home that night -- thanks to the great fluffball in the sky! She looked really tired and did nothing but watch TV for ages, but at least she let me sleep on her lap :-)

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