Tuesday 10 July 2007

Winter woes

We are having a very cold and wet winter. I don't go outside much at the moment. Instead I stay inside all day on my cushion. And right now I am happily curled up on Ellen's lap. So comfy and warm, even if she will clack away at the computer for hours -- I can hardly get her to focus on my blog!

Yesterday, though, my door got stuck and I was trapped outside all day! It was very miserable. Not even the knowledge that white fluffball was similarly afflicted could make it worthwhile. I was so happy when Ellen came home!

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SCRIBBLY said...

Scribbly's cat here with a tip. When it's cold, find a dark corner and pretend not to be there when Ellen calls... Spent many a wet, freezing night in a cozy spot, that way. Good Luck.
PS: She's a mean, mean girl, that Ellen.