Sunday 14 October 2007

Why every cat needs a swamp

First there are the birds. What cat doesn't like watching birds and contemplating dinner? And these are big birds! Ibis, spoonbills, swans, pelicans -- just imagine how full one of those babies is going to make your tummy! Course it's not so easy to catch them, but that's half the fun.

Then there are the rats. Oh, lovely, juicy things. I like to stuff myself full and go over the road to get rid of the excess. A neighbour's front garden is always good for this. Are you taking note, Chenna? Don't foul your own garden because your humans will get upset and growl at you. And we don't like growls, do we? We like pats on the head, or scratches under the chin.

The next best thing about the swamp is that it's somewhere else to explore. There's a nice little bird watching hut that you can sit in and peer out of. Could do with some more trees though, especially for when some pesky dog comes along intent on chasing you. But there's always the fence designed to keep dogs out. Ha ha, stupid dogs! Long live cats, eh?


Anonymous said...

I need a swamp. I definitely need a swamp. PLEASE can't I have a swamp? How come Beth gets a swamp? My life sucks.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, you see if you lose the devilcat persona, Ellen might buy you one. It's simple. You be nice and you get what you want. Devilcat tips indeed...