Sunday 18 November 2007

Niles and Sam

I have posted some new photos in the sidebar today.

Sam (right) is Lita's new baby boy, an innocent little kitty cat, some 9 weeks old or so. I hope Lita plans to let him read my blog from time to time. Might as well start devilcat training from an early age!

Niles (left) is Lita's faithful feline friend. He's missing his old buddy Fox a lot these days, and trying to deal with the little bag of beans that is Sam. Poor Niles -- he probably doesn't know what's hit him!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Chenna, yes, Niles is missing Fox but he assures he can still chat with him - he's just in spirit, not gone, i am assured. And Sam...well yes, he is rather a challenge and soo energetic. i will let him read your blog only when i am there. -these cat's mother