Friday 16 January 2009

0.4kg down

What a weird week. Scorchingly hot, and now rather cool. When it was hot, I didn't feel like eating much. And now it's cool, all I'm faced with is that dreadful -- well, I'm not going to go on about that anymore.

The good news is that I think I've actually lost some weight! Ellen weighed me this morning, and I'm down by 0.4kg, which as a percentage of my body weight is fairly significant. Cool, huh?

Ellen's friend Lita actually said I was looking good, and that it wasn't my fault I had a flabby tummy. I like her.


Anonymous said...

A flabby tummy? How did you get that? Tell that Ellen to get you onto some decent food. Mice, as I've said before, are good. So are birds -- if only humans didn't make us where stupid bells or mirrors on our collars. Lose the collar and go catch yourself something. All that exercise will make you fit and muscular -- like me!

Anonymous said...

is that like 5 % of your body weight?
maybe i should start eating your food - you could eat mine.
how do you feel about eating 1/4kg of chocolate a day?

Ellen said...

Ummm - I never tasted chocolate. Ellen won't let me near it. She hogs it all herself - pig.

0.4kg is in fact 6.25% of my body weight, so not a bad effort! I still need to lose another 1kg though . . .