Tuesday 20 January 2009

Chug the Spoodle

ALERT! A canine has moved in next door!

Ellen, the traitor, was spotted actually cuddling said canine pup, which is that strange breed known as a Spoodle. I mean, really. Spoodle? No self-respecting feline would ever be known by such a ridiculous label.

Ellen seems to think 'Chug' is rather adorable. She came up to the front door, cradling the cretin in her arms and told me (on the other side of the fly wire screen) that we were going to be fabulous friends.

As if. AS IF! Friends with a dog? Me? And what a floppy, teeny weeny ragdoll-like pup it is.

Chug. Hmmm. Chug the Spoodle. (Snigger)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh no, a dog! I know exactly how you feel. But you know, if you arch up and make all your hair stand up, you can be quite frightening. I did that this morning at a passing dog. Luckily, he was on a lead because otherwise I'm sure he would've run, and no dog keeps his dignity when he's running, tail between his legs. Oh, dogs, they are such laughable creatures!