Sunday 4 January 2009

Off my food

Thank the cat gods that's over. Three days locked inside, all alone. Forced to use litter trays. Simply awful.

At least there were three litter trays to chose from, although I only needed one. I found I lost my appetite through the whole ordeal actually. At first I kept coughing up hairballs and then I couldn't keep any food down. So there was quite a lot of food left over.

But I survived. And aside from leaving piles of half-digested food for Ellen to clean up, I didn't make any mess at all.

But I do hope my cat door gets fixed soon!


SCRIBBLY said...

I don't know whether to be impressed or disgusted. You DO behave well, but I don't think Ellen realises what a good cat you are. She doesn't deserve you.

A few days ago, I thought my family wasn't noticing or appreciating me enough, so I thought I'd leave a little (or rather large) deposit for them right in the middle of the kitchen. While they were all standing around! They didn't notice it at first, just kept walking past it, until the SMELL hit. Hehehehehehehehe!!!!!

Then you should have seen them scramble! Screams of Yiew and Yuk and Aarrgghhh echoed through the house as mostly they got as far away from my little present as they could.

In the end, Scribbly was the one left to the task of putting on the rubber gloves and disposing of the thing. I heard her say to one of the young humans, 'This is why I'm never getting a dog. Can you imagine doing this every day? It's disgusting.'

She sprayed the floor over and over with Nifty and wiped it. After that I was unceremoniously put outside, and I'm not sure I heard properly, because the sound is muffled through the glass of the back door, but I thought she added, 'If he does it again, I'm rubbing his nose in it!'


Still, any attention is a good thing, right? I'm sure Ellen wouldn't leave you alone for so long if you didn't behave yourself quite so well every time.

Love from Ollie (Scribbly's feline)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ollie, it's great to meet you!

Good on you for making those humans show you the attention you deserve. A good dose of bodily fluids ALWAYS works. I've mastered the art of it. Problem is, I think I might have overdone it somewhat, as E barely bats an eyelid these days when she has to clean it up, and half the time she can't even be bothered putting on rubber gloves. She does go through a HEAP of paper towelling & disinfectant though.

He he he

Anonymous said...

Chenna, I know you are a cat because I've met you, but sometimes I think you have the soul of a dog.

(And I'm glad that other post was from Ollie, and not Scribbly! I've met her (Scribbly), and she's definitely a two-legs.)

Anonymous said...

Soul of a DOG?!?!

Whtever can you mean by that, oh matron cat?

Anonymous said...

lol. Just that whole preoccupation with leaving bodily fluids is very doglike. Most of my friends, me included, wouldn't be seen dead doing that.

In our house, they hold up the memory of the great cat Fluffy (whoever named her?) as the very model of what a cat should be. Fluffy was locked in a cupboard for three days and held on for all that time. That, my friend, is what a *cat* does!

Anonymous said...

Well, if it had have been me in that cupboard, there's no way I'd have held on. They'd have paid for such ill-treatment.

Sounds like you and that 'Fluffy' are walk-overs.

(We have a 'Fluffy' living in our driveway - stupid lazy beast.)

Anonymous said...

I'm not a walk-over at all, but I do have to say that there are more catty ways of making a protest. I'm sure you're acquainted with all of these. It's all about getting your own way, Chenna. You don't necessarily have to be obnoxious and sell your soul to the dog farm to get this. That's all.