Wednesday 3 January 2007

Oscar asking for it

Had a near incident with Oscar this evening. Oscar is our neighbour, a smallish grey and white long-hair that I suspect Ellen rather likes. She (Oscar is female, we think) has recently taken to coming into MY GARDEN. Just because her own garden is a weed-infested cage of concrete, I don't see why she should have to intrude on my space. Ellen doesn't seem to mind at all; in fact, she keeps telling me we should become friends. Friends! Cats don't HAVE friends! And even if we did, I certainly wouldn't be friends with her.

Anyway, I spotted Oscar on top of the garage roof, so I headed on up to chase her away. Ellen (watering the garden) yelled at me, and I thought she was going to turn the hose on us. Lucky she's in water-saving mode because of the drought. It was too hot to get really aggro though, so I just hissed at Oscar and she got the message.

As if I'd be her friend.

I'm staying on watch at the front door all evening to make sure she doesn't come back. A pity there's fly wire there, but at least I can howl at her through the mesh.

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