Thursday 15 November 2007

Milk bottle ring

Oh praise the cat gods, I have found new meaning in life with the revelation about milk bottle rings. You know, the ring that seals the lid to the bottle when first purchased? I found one on the floor yesterday quite late, and you have no IDEA how much fun it is to play with! It scoots along the floors amazingly well, and makes a cute plasticky tinkling sound.

Ellen just looks at me and laughs. Ha, she says. Have you only just worked that out? Moggie used to play with them all the time. (Moggie was Ellen's former feline. I met her once or twice -- old decrepit thing. She died over 4 years ago.)

I have a sneaking suspicion that E put the ring in my way to see what I'd do. Well, so what? She was right for once. I LOVE it!

The only problem is that now I've lost it. It's disappeared under some piece of furniture (can't remember which) and so that's the end. Until E opens another bottle of milk . . .

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Anonymous said...

Our cats also love the milk (or water) bottle rings. I have to be sure to remember to buy the plastic jugs of milk and not the cardboard containers. I've always figured I could make a fortune and retire if I could put together a cat toy packages of milk bottle rings, paper bags, empty boxes, balled-up aluminum foil...

There are some plastic toys available at Petco, etc., which are shaped like simple rings or simple coils. They cost a fortune for what you get, but the cats sure do love them!