Wednesday 7 November 2007


Just so you know, I helped E and T write during the recent long weekend at the island. They couldn't have done it without me. I was their muse.

Whenever they faltered, I was there to make sure they kept those fingers clacking. Whenever they got hungry, I got hungry too.

It's hard work being a muse!
You'd have thought they'd be a little more thankful. After all, they say they got heaps of work done. And it's all down to me!


Anonymous said...

Chenna, you have holidays? You have *holidays*? You go away with your human and with mine? How unfair is this? I'm the well-mannered cat. How come I don't get holidays!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that one 4 legged friend on the table!

Anonymous said...

Of course I have holidays! But believe me, they're not all they're cracked up to be. But it is nice to have a sea change.

As for my being on the table -- well of course! Where else is a revered muse supposed to sit? I must be in view, or my power to inspire is void.