Saturday 13 October 2007

In disgrace

We had children in the house today and I'm afraid I lost my cool. When there was only one, I could deal with it, even for a whole weekend. But I'm afraid three were too many.

The thing is they are so fascinated with me! Here am I, trying to sleep peacefully, when the children come and fling themselves towards me. I growl and hiss a bit, to make them keep away, and it seems to work. (I made one of them cry just by growling, though, which didn't make me feel very good.)

But then one came just that bit too close and I swiped. I tried to stop, truly I did, but my claw was swinging before I realised. And then Ellen started yelling at me and trying to get me off my cushion to make me go outside, and so I attacked her. Drew blood and everything. Oh dear.

The one I swiped at screamed loud enough to send the driveway cats scampering, but she seemed to calm down eventually. I don't suppose she'll be back for a holiday though. As for Ellen, well she gave me such dirty looks that it's a miracle I got fed this evening. I am well and truly in disgrace.


Anonymous said...

Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear. Chenna, Chenna, Chenna, I can tell I'm going to have to run Pussycat Etiquette 101 for you. Never draw blood from a human. Never, never, never. (Ooh, I seem to have caught some kind of repetetive bug!) Children are annoying, yes, but you want to try living with dogs!

Anonymous said...

Pussycat Etiquette? What the hell's that? Never heard of it. Doesn't sound like anything I need to know about.