Wednesday 14 March 2007

The island - Day 2 (Sunday)

I spent most of the day in Ellen's room. Even when everyone else went out for a walk for the entire morning, I was quite content to sleep under the bedcovers. An ideal Sunday morning snooze.

Ellen got her computer out in the afternoon, and I ventured out into the living room to explore. She also made me go outside! This made me very edgy, since who knows what might be out there? The fences are all wire and transparent, and there's zero protection. I would be mad to let my guard down like I do at home. (In MY GARDEN it's quite different, because I know every smell, every sound, every tremor. I can detect danger a mile off.)

I had vowed not to use my litter tray all weekend, but it began to get a bit difficult to hold on, and Ellen worked it out when I ventured into the bath. (At home, that's an acceptable option, because at least it's easy to clean -- Although Ellen still swears at me when I do that.) However, at the island it sparked a battle between us, and (after I drew blood) she THREW me into the downstairs bathroom and locked me in! She actually stood there holding the door closed! This proved to be a good idea though, because I knew there was no way she'd let Jeddah in, and I felt secure.

It was such a relief to let it all out. Even though I missed the tray and it went all over the floor. Ellen wasn't too happy about that, because she had to clean it all up, but at least I tried to use the litter tray! The problem is that I'm out of practice, since I have a whole garden at home. After holding on for over 24 hours, I felt like a new feline! I was finally able to eat, although my appetite for the entire holiday was quite low.

Poor Ellen has quite a few new scratches on her wrists. I don't know what strangers think about that. She didn't try to lock me away on the Sunday night, so I slept in her bed again. She had the light on almost all night! I think she was reading.

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